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Heaton Building Rehab in Paso Robles

Project Location - 803 13th Street in Paso Robles, California

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History of Property
The subject site was occupied by a small hay barn and vacant land in 1888. By 1926, the subject property was occupied by several buildings, including the existing 1322-1324 Park Street building. The subject property was occupied at this time by a barber shop, a notions shop, and a store that sold hardware, furniture, agricultural implements, and crockery. By 1943, the existing 803-811 13th Street and the 1320 Park Street buildings were present, constructed of reinforced concrete. During the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, the subject property was used for furniture and hardware sales. According to a placard on the wall outside 803 13th Street, the subject property was occupied in the past by Heaton’s, a family-owned business founded in 1886. Since the 1970s, the subject property has been occupied by barbers, hair stylists, clothing stores, a frame shop, a lawyer’s office, and furniture stores.

History of Adjacent Properties
During the late 1800s, the adjacent properties were mainly occupied by small dwellings and vacant lots. By 1926, the adjacent properties had become commercially developed. The adjacent property to the north of the subject property was a lumber yard in the 1920s and has been occupied by stores since at least 1943. The east adjacent property has been occupied by stores and offices since at least 1926. The areas to the south and southwest of the subject property, across 13th Street, have been commercially developed since at least the 1920s and have been occupied in the past by stores, offices, and banks. The west adjacent property, across Park Street, was occupied by stores, a cobbler, a sign printer, a lodge, and a Pentecostal mission in 1926. In the 1990s, the older stores were demolished and new retail buildings were constructed.