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Commercial Construction Projects

At JM Construction we have numerous types of commercial construction projects that we have completed. We have extensive experience as a commercial contractor at many types of commercial and industrial projects.
Automobile Dealerships
Veterinarian Hospitals
Medical Doctors Offices
Dentist Offices
Attorney/Law Offices
Retail Stores
Horse Breading Barns
Fast Food Restaurants
Earthquake Retrofitting
Retail Stores
Multi-Use Buildings.

Commercial Clients

There are many types of projects that we have completed in the commercial/industrial side of construction.  We will be adding photos as they are taken.  We have worked for many clients with differing needs.  A short list of projects are listed below:
General Motors - Tenant Improvement, Dealership remodels & additions, Corporate headquarters tenant improvement in Thousand Oaks.
Jack Ellis Chrysler - New service building with many mechanic's bays.
Gary's Tuxedo Rentals - Built-out the interior of the corporate headquarters, multiple store locations, earthquake retrofit of manufacturing buildings, multiple tenant improvements throughout 3 decades.
P.L. Porter, Inc. - Built the corporate offices, many tenant improvements throughout 3 decades, earthquake retrofit of manufacturing facility.
I.C.M. - Gutted and re-built a 7 story building next to the Beverly Center for the worlds largest Hollywood Talent Agency in the world.
International Editors Guild - Remodeled corporate offices on Sunset multiple times throughout 3 decades.
International Photographers Guild - Remodeled corporate offices on Sunset multiple times throughout 3 decades.
Porter Pet Hospital, Northridge - New veterinarian hospital facility located in Northrigde, CA Link to WebsiteLink to Google Maps
Woodcliff Animal Hospital, Chatsworth - New veterinarian hospital facility located in Chatsworth, CA. Link to Google Maps
Horse Breading Barn, Solvang - Advanced Equine Reproduction (Dr. Nancy Cook) - 50 stall breading barn for race horses and pure breads.  This facility not only had the 50 stalls, there were fetal monitors in each stall, a sperm bank, lab, offices, caretakers apartment, etc. Link to Google Maps
Chernoff & Cohen, Attorney's at Law - Built their multiple offices as well as maintain their multiple apartments and other rental properties
Doctors Offices - We have built and/or remodeled multiple doctors offices throughout the years.
Hospitals - We have built multiple hospitals for specialized practices throughout the years.
Barger Harley Davidson - Built their entire facility as well as the strip mall that they owned next to the dealership.
Los Angeles Baptist High School - Many classroom remodels, earthquake retrofit, etc. Link to WebsiteLink to Google Maps
1st Presbyterian Church - Marina Del Rey - Located close to Marina Del Rey, we built the entire church.
1st Covenant Church - Simi Valley - we built the entire church.
1st Baptist Church - Paso Robles - We coordinated and installed all audio, video and theatrical lighting for multi-purpose room. We also built the stage in the multi-purpose room
Rudy's Ace Hardware - Located on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, we built the back half of the store as well as the apartments above the store.
Cupid's Hotdogs, Paso Robles - We built the T.I. for the store which included the removal of the entire interior of the building, new kitchen, hood, storage space, refrigeration, offices, arcade, bathrooms.
Cupid's Hotdogs, San Luis Obispo - We built the T.I. for the store which included the upgrading of current kitchen facility, walk-in refrigeration room, bathrooms, etc.
Earthquake Shoring 1 - Paso Robles - We designed and shored up the building at 625 12th Street at the alley to keep the unreinforced masonry wall from falling into the alley.  This allowed the tenants in the rest of the building to go back to work.  This was completed within 3 weeks of the San Simeon Earthquake.
Earthquake Shoring 2 - Paso Robles - We installed interior shoring at 815 12th Street, next to the collapsed Clock Tower building, so that the Clock Tower building and the shared unreinforced masonry wall could be removed.  The floor and roof systems were supported by the interior shored wall.
Earthquake Shoring 3 - North Hills - After the Northridge Earthquake we shored the gymnasium wall at Los Angeles Baptist High School.  It was an unreinforced masonry wall.
Earthquake Shoring 4 - Van Nuys - After the Northridge Earthquake we shored the main beams holding the panelized roof at Gary's Tuxedo's Manufacturing plant.  The supports built-in to the tilt up building sheered off and the glue-lam beams split in half.
Earthquake Shoring 5 - Woodland Hills - After the Northridge Earthquake we shored the main beam supports at P.L Porter.  The supports build-in to the tilt up building sheered off.
Beverly's Fabrics, Santa Maria - We installed a new facade, storefront windows, signage, etc.
Beverly's Fabrics, San Luis Obispo - We fixed the lath and plaster ceiling and upgraded some of the interior.
Oak Shores Community Association - We built the guard gate and we built a solid roof over the community deck.
Burger King, Canoga Park - We built the entire fast food restaurant.
Custom Display, Inc., Templeton - We did the tenant improvement for last half of the building creating rental spaces, bathrooms, offices, manufacturing spaces.
Custom Display, Inc., Paso Robles - We did the tenant improvement for the new office in their new location.
Highlands Church., Paso Robles - We did the tenant improvement for the new office in their new location.
Quarterhorse Equities, LLC - Tenant Improvement, earthquake retrofit.  We upgraded 10 apartments on the second floor after we retrofitted the unreinforced masonry building.  This was all done while the retail tenants remained open below.
American Commercial Equities 3, LLC - Tenant Improvements on multiple buildings.  Maintenance and fix-it project